14 Things I Love About Disney

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January 23, 2019

Valentines Day is on its way so to celebrate here are 14 things I love about Disney!

  1. The Music
    • Ever noticed how there is music everywhere you go when you’re in the parks? My favorite park music is at Hollywood Studios before they recently changed the playlist. I love show tunes and the playlist consisted of old Hollywood movie soundtracks from the late Great Movie (R.I.P) and fun jazz music down Sunset Boulevard. I remember coming home from my College Program and fixing up playlists with songs by the Andrew Sisters and the My Fair Lady Soundtrack to remind me of “home”.
  2. The Parades
    • Disney produces amazing shows with intricate costumes, catchy music, and beautiful scenery. Their parades are just their shows on wheels. Throughout the years Disney has upgraded their parades and each time you think they can’t get better you end up with the current spectacle called Festival of Fantasy. When they first announced the change from Celebrate a Dream Come True I was so sad and I could never imagine anything being able to replace it, but then I watched and listened to the amazing Festival of Fantasy. My second favorite parade used to happen in Hollywood Studios (at the time MGM) called Stars and Motor Cars, the cars matched the movie characters so well, and I still wish they had made toy versions of them. I loved this parade too because it had Mulan and Shang, and those are two tough characters to find now at Disney.
  3. The Fireworks
    • I remember when my best friend Megan saw Disney fireworks for the first time. She didn’t understand everyone’s excitement as we sat around waiting for the skies to light up. She couldn’t stop staring up at the sky and saying “wow,” and afterward she said, “those were amazing, no wonder everyone makes such a big deal about them”. Disney fireworks are beyond anything you could imagine if you’ve only seen your towns 4th of July fireworks. Disney fireworks also come along with amazing musical scores.
  4. The Costumes
    • As a cast member, you get to wear some amazing costume! My goal during my College Program was to work at all the parks, which meant getting to wear a host of different, colorful costumes, from Epcot’s American Pavillion flight attendant looking outfits, to the tent like dresses I wore at The Animal Kingdom. The character costumes are spectacular as well! In the recent years they changed the Princess’s dresses, and though I love most of the updates I’m not a big fan of Mulan’s and Jasmine’s costume change but there are bigger problems in life.
  5. The Food
    • Disney is all about the food for some people. I love the traditional Mickey Pretzels and delicious Mickey ice cream sandwich, then you have the fresh food at Epcot’s Sunshine Seasons, and for those who like exotic food Epcot’s World Showcase is a great place to travel.
  6. The Characters
    • Walt Disney created amazing characters and his vision stayed with other creative imagineers, giving us stories like Tangled, Frozen, and the Lion King. His parks give us a place to meet those characters we’ve grown up with learned to love, and when you get to hug Joy and Sadness in real life, it’s an amazing experience.
  7. The Variety
    • The Magic Kingdom alone has four different lands, each with different music, architecture, and rides that keep with the themes. You can go fly with Peter Pan then walk a little into a futuristic world where you can catch a rocket into space on Space Mountain. The four Walt Disney World parks all offer something different for everyone of all ages, never leaving room for you to get bored.
  8. The Shopping
    • Disney is kind of like Starbucks in New York, there’s shopping on each corner, off of each ride, in the middle of the street, basically, there is Disney merchandise for sale where ever you turn. I love this because I love Disney merchandise. Each park also has a large shop that has all Disney brand specific items you could want. At The Magic Kingdom it’s the Emporium, Hollywood Studios has Mickey’s of Hollywood, The Animal Kingdom has Discovery Trading Company, and Epcot has Mouse Gears.
  9. The Laughter
    • I love listening to the laughter that fills each park. The laughter of children, the laughter of families, the laughter that comes from experiencing magic you never thought possible.
  10. The Photos
    • I take an insane amount of pictures when I go to Disney, and it’s become worse since I’ve gotten interested in photography. Some people though don’t like to have to worry about getting that perfect shot. Disney foresaw this need and the role of Photopass Photographer. Photopass, is a service you can utilize in every park, and now even the Disney Springs shopping center offers special photopass opportunities. You get to choose which photos you want to buy or you can buy the whole lot with Memory Maker (which I highly advise you purchase).
  11. The Castles
    • Every girl who’s dreamed of being a princess has dreamed of castle to live in as well. Cinderella’s castle is my favorite, but in 2012 Disney added two more castle to the Kingdom. You can now eat in Beast’s and travel under the sea when you visit Prince Eric’s Sea Castle. I love the detail in each castle like they’ve jumped straight off the movie screen. My goal is to one day see every Disney Castle from California to Shanghai, (which would probably cost as much a real castle, but hey a girl can dream).
  12. The Cast Members
    • I never truly appreciated the Cast Members until I became one. I always thought they had the best job, but I know now how hard their jobs can be no matter the magical atmosphere around them. They work long hours, have to deal with extremely rude guests, and many of them do it without adequate pay. I love the ones who put in the extra effort to make a guests’ vacation a magical experience. I tried to remember this when I worked there because I know how cast members can sometimes make or break a families magical experience.
  13. The Colors
    • This is weird but I love how colorful Disney is, it’s like walking through a vibrant painting come to life. Especially at Epcot during the Flower and Garden Festival where the flowers bloom in bright colors in all different shapes and characters. The colors of the Disney Walls that have taken over many Instagram pictures. The colors of the costumes, the buildings, the lights at night, all create a beautiful pallet for the eyes.
  14. The Atmosphere
    • These overall experiences create the magic atmosphere specific to Disney. The music, the colors, the costumes, the characters, and the special lengths the imagineers have gone to make the outside world disappear have created an atmosphere that brings guests back over and over again. It’s an atmosphere live wired with excitement and magic. An atmosphere where adults forget their age and find the child inside themselves once more. An atmosphere that makes you forget your troubles travel to a world of fantasy and make-believe.
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