A Race Down Memory Lane

Today, two years ago I ran my first 5k during the Run Disney Princess Marathon Weekend. I still can’t believe it’s been two years since I lived my dream working at Disney, and I’m so thankful I took the chance and ran my first 5k there as well.

I got the Facebook notification of the memorable day right after my run this morning. It was an excellent reminder that I am incredibly blessed to be able to run. Because after the race my ankles were so sore I could barely stand, let alone run. I couldn’t run for a few a months, and when I started back, I felt like a slug in the mud.

But now I finished a great morning run, and in warmer weather than I had that day in Florida. Sometimes we see things we love go away for a while but it doesn’t mean God is saying no forever. We just have to wait and trust in Him.

Today I learned the third habit of a woman who doesn’t quit from Nicki Koriarz, “She stays open to the movement of God”. I really don’t understand a lot of what God allows and doesn’t in my life, but I have come to understand that everything He allows is good and everything He doesn’t is for my good. I have to be open to what He does, to what He stops, to what He throws in my lap.

“Staying open to his movement means we stop trying to determine where our commitments ultimately lead” (Koriarz). I’ve learned this first hand in the past year since I volunteered to help with my church’s youth group. Now, I lead a group of middle school girls on Wednesday nights, I just helped with the weekend youth hometown retreat, and I spend Monday nights helping with the Middle school girls Bible Study. I almost decided not to get involved in the youth group because I knew it would require commitment from me. My schedule would change if I followed through with volunteering, but I chose to follow God’s leading and I’m so glad I did. What’s crazy is I had wanted to help with the middle school girls years ago but things didn’t work out and I didn’t understand why God was keeping me from it. But now I’m involved and building relationships with some great kids and I have loved watching them grow over the past year, and can’t wait to see them continually grow spiritually.

“You can make many plans but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” Proverbs 19:21

I don’t know why He kept me from running after my race, maybe it was to help me appreciate when I could run again, maybe it was to help me strengthen in other areas, I’ll never know for sure. But now I am thankful I can run, I’m looking forward to running the Star Wars virtual half marathon with my sister, and I’ve learned a lot about pushing myself through running. I don’t know why He stopped me from helping with the youth group years ago when I wanted to, but I know I wouldn’t have the same girls as I do now if He had allowed me back then and maybe He knew we needed each other. Things may not always happen when or how we expect them but nothing surprises Him.

The key is to remember this when the going gets tough and I feel like my dreams are up in flames.

It’s funny how a trip, or better yet a race, down memory lane, brought home the lesson from my morning devotions and the lessons I’m learning about not quitting. I’m less likely to quit if my perspective is toward His purpose instead of my own desires.

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