Hunting for Eggs Around the World(showcase)

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January 23, 2019


The Egg-stravaganza at Disney ‘s Epcot has returned for 2018!

I loved Easter egg hunts growing up. Easter morning would come, and we’d go to church, followed by dinner at my grandparents, and when dinner was over my older cousin Michael would go outside and hide eggs for our hunt. My sister and I would grab our baskets, and my mom grabbed the camera to capture every fun moment.

We didn’t hide anything fun in the eggs we just liked the game of hiding and seeking. But sadly we don’t live in Neverland, and we grew up, and at some point, we just stopped the egg hunts.

I did my Disney College Program in the Spring of 2016 and was not at home for the first time in 20 years for Easter. But my mom and sister came down a few days before to visit me and we made plans to have our Easter dinner at Be Our Guest restaurant. As I explored Epcot one day a few weeks before they came, I saw discovered Egg-stravaganza. I got excited! I decided to buy the map and the egg, offered as the end prize, and surprise my mom and sister.

They loved it! Got to the park for lunch at the Land and walked around the World looking for eggs.


Starting the hunt off you’re given a map of The World Showcase that shows a special character designed egg hidden in each country, but the trick is you don’t know where the in the country it is. It could be up high in the eves of a roof, it could be laying on the beaches of the Show Cases’ lagoon, or it might be nestled deep in the heart of the country, making you have to explore more.

1. The Hunt Makes You Explore

The hunt is a great marketing tool for The World Show Case because you have to walk around each country and a lot of people just pass them by. The countries each have a unique and fun atmosphere that you don’t want to miss. For example I usually just go to the Japan Pavillion for the shop in the front with the Hello Kitty merchandise, but during the hunt we went deeper into the pavilion and discovered a beautiful Japanese garden! I’m sure it’s been there since its creation but we’d never seen it before because we never took the time to explore. It’s a great reminder to take in every aspect of the parks you can, don’t rush, to make a fuss, just explore the details Disney is famous for and imagineers took a great deal of time and energy to create for you.

2.  Fun Photo Opportunities

If you’re like me being at Disney means leaving with a few more photos added to your camera. Hopefully, you do what we do and use the Disney Photopass service, I love having that available, and you can even ask them to use your camera as well their own so you’re sure to get the picture. We took lot’s of pictures on our hunt because Disney isn’t stupid, they have the Egg-stravanganza as part of the annual Flower and Garden Festival. I love this festival because of the beautiful character topiaries situated around the park. You may not explore the park for the flowers and toparies if you have kids or if you’re group isn’t into that, but the egg hunt gives you the perfect excuse to see it all while doing a group activity. At the end of the hunt make sure to get a picture you and your group with your map! It’s a great souvenir!

3. A Prize to be Won

Once you complete your hunt head to Disney Traders, the two shops situated at front of the Showcase, and get your prize! Each year guests have one of 6 character eggs. It’s your basic plastic Easter egg but with a Disney character flare.

*TIP!!! They say you go get your egg after the hunt, but when I purchased my map the Cast Member asked me if I wanted to choose my egg now instead of later. She said if I waited I may not get a choice of which egg but be stuck with whatever they had left. I’m so glad she gave me the option, I love the type of Cast Members who go the extra step to make sure a guest’s trip is as magical as possible. I don’t know if they still offer the egg to you when you buy the map but make sure you ask if you want a certain one of the six offered.

4. Great Food to Fuel Your Hunt

Like I mentioned before the Egg-stravaganza is part of the Flower and Garden Festival which means all the wonderful Outdoor Kitchens for the festival are there for hunters as well.  Epcot has great food offerings when the festivals aren’t going on but they have even more to offer during its, now 3, festivals occurring throughout the year. You won’t be able to resist the wonderful smells coming from America, or the special deserts offered at France. It’s the perfect time to fuel up on your hunt around the ‘world’.

My big regret is not taking the opportunity to try the Frushi from Hanami outside of the Japan Pavillion. I’m a chicken when it comes to trying new foods and I finally decided to wait and try it another day, but I didn’t and I really wish I had. Don’t let yourself chicken out, try new foods, try new adventures! It’s Disney and for those who don’t live there you never know when you’ll get to go back.

Overall I HIGHLY recommend putting the Egg-stravaganza on your Disney bucket list! It’s a fun tradition if you visit during the offered times, or if you live down there and want a fun for all ages egg hunt. It definitely brought back memories for my sister and I and now we have new memories to last a lifetime!


The Egg-stravaganza 2018 began March 16th and continues to April 1st (Easter).

the map is $5.99 plus tax.



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